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A Revolution For Musicians’ Mental Health 

WPTA Performance Psychology is a global association for the transformation and development of musicians’ mental health. We provide ongoing psychological support and development, as well as connecting musicians to a wider mental health support network to help them perform to their true potential and build a thriving and successful career.

Our innovative Music Mind Hub  global membership platform provides students and young professionals with affordable vital support to help build, develop and sustain a successful career. Our ongoing support can help you to overcome psychological challenges such as performance anxiety, as well as helping to reduce your overall stress levels to prevent problems with burnout, depression, addiction dependency and anxiety. We also have specialists on board who can support you in reducing and preventing pain and injury which could otherwise cause an impact on your career and affect your mental health.

We work with musicians at all levels, from amateur through to students, professionals and high-profile concert soloists and conductors. Career development opportunities are available through our premium services, which offer musicians the chance to benefit from exclusive one-to-one and small group performance coaching and mentoring to further their career.

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Dealing with anxiety, performance anxiety and managing stress

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Improving and managing pain and injury

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Our Mission 

It’s our mission to transform musicians’ mental health. Through our Music Mind Hub membership we provide access to top-level professional psychological support and development. In addition, we continue to build partnerships with relevant charities, professional bodies and mental health initiatives across the world to strengthen our network and enable us to fulfil a wider collaborative vision. We aim to provide a central hub which pulls together the best mental health support and performance psychology specialists and practices around the globe.

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A Message From Our President


Let’s face it, being a musician in today’s world is not easy. Political and cultural instability can create further challenges, causing musicians to battle stress, anxiety and depression, with burnout becoming almost inevitable. It’s particularly difficult for our youngest musicians who are just starting out and have hopes of pursuing and sustaining a successful and rewarding career. More than ever, musicians need preventative help and ongoing support.

Mental health maintenance and development need to become a priority over the long term, in the same way that we prioritise physical health. Musicians need to be able to trust their own mental resilience in order to overcome the challenges of creating and sustaining a career in classical music. WPTA Performance Psychology and the Music Mind Hub provide just that framework of support. We help musicians to strengthen the foundations of their psychology so that they can find their own mental capacity to face challenges and thrive, rather than be held back. We aim to make mental health a number one priority for musicians and a solid base for musical excellence right from the start.

Furthermore, with support and provision for the arts suffering in many countries around the world, it’s now essential for every musician to be able to wear many different hats and it has become imperative for the next generation and future generations of musicians to push classical music forward so that it can continue to evolve and prosper among cultures of the world. More and more, musicians are expected to show entrepreneurial thinking in how they approach their career and are encouraged to branch out and broaden their skills.

We help our musicians to contribute to this wider vision in the sustainable future of classical music by helping to create the best possible circumstances for them to thrive. We help our members to not only regain balance over their mental health, but develop their mind as a powerful tool which can propel them forwards and help them forge ahead in their musical career.

Christina Cooper



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