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Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are alarmingly common amongst classical musicians, particularly freelancers. Lack of security can be a huge issue, along with worry about paying the bills. Long hours, travel and touring, along with the stress of being constantly on the go can have a huge impact on stress levels. High stress levels can exacerbate anxiety and create a perpetual negative cycle. Performance anxiety can develop or be made worse by this and is often magnified by the pressure of auditions, competition and the need to maintain a high level of skill as a musician.

We provide resources, talks, workshops and retreats specially designed for life-changing results, to help you break free from the effects of stress and anxiety and create a sustainable and rewarding career.

Addictions And Depression 

Depression can affect anyone at any time without warning and can be hugely debilitating, making it very difficult to function day to day and potentially leading to more serious issues. Addiction is also very common across the classical music industry and can present real challenges to musicians who become trapped in its negative cycle. We provide resources, talks, workshops and tailored programmes to help you break the cycle of addiction and depression.

Pain And Injury 

Dealing with pain or injury, whether acute or chronic can be devastating for a musician. It can be made so much more difficult by the psychological impact it can have on you. The emotional turmoil of physical suffering or impairment can have a negative consequence on your career and enjoyment of music, particularly if you have to take time out of playing to recover. You might lose confidence in your ability to perform at your best or worry that you might have to give up playing completely. Both acute and chronic pain can cause ongoing stress and anxiety and can become overwhelming to deal with both physically and emotionally. Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we can look at all interplaying factors to help you manage and reduce chronic pain, and support you in injury recovery and prevention through our tailored resources, talks, workshops and retreats.

Career Development 

It’s not always easy to have the confidence to explore career options as a musician. There are many ways to showcase your skills not just in playing, but getting creative and developing new skills which can make you even more versatile. It’s not reliable to wait for bookings to come your way anymore. It can take courage to put yourself out there and experiment with new ways to make a living as a musician. Through talks, workshops and specialist programmes, we can help you to use your mind as a powerful tool for creativity and high performance so that you can have the courage to branch out and flourish in an exciting and varied career.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship 

Do you have a hunger to try something new and innovative, and make a big impact? The classical music world is changing fast, and those who step out by being bold and entrepreneurial are helping to move classical music into the future. If you are ready to become a leader and step out of the mould of a ‘traditional’ classical musician, we can help you to find the confidence and courage to take that leap. We can work with you to help you to optimise your psychology, tap into your creativity and make your biggest entrepreneurial dreams reality, through our specially designed programmes and retreats.

Music Mind Hub Membership

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